4. Do you prefer to spend the weekend at home or out doing different things? Why? (附答案)

張貼者:2013年10月24日 晚上8:14Kuro Kevin
1. I prefer to stay at home when I have lots of papers to grade. I am a public school teacher. Public school teachers often spend several hours beyond the normal working day to grade papers and prepare lessons. Returning papers and graded assignments in a timely manner is good teaching technique.

2. I am a writer. When I am in the middle of an assignment, I like to stay home and work on the assignment. I am a goal directed person. It is important to me that I reach a certain milestone whenever I am writing. I usually set short term, as well as long term goals.

3. I work in an office all week long. On weekends I like to spent time away from my house so I can be outside. I find that getting enough time in the fresh air outside is good for me. I feel better physically when I am active; I also feel better mentally.

4. Outside. I am an outdoor person who likes to ride bikes, walk or hike, and swim in the ocean. My physical fitness level is an important part of my life. I watch what I eat and stay active so I will not become over weight.

5. I love to play baseball so I like to spend lots of time outside at the baseball field practicing my game. Sometimes, I play on first base. My favorite position, though, is pitching. I love to practice throwing curve balls to improve my skills level. I am far better at throwing the fast ball right now. So, I practice the other throws a lot.