3. In the summer there can be a lot of typhoons in Taiwan. (附答案)

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1. You should keep an adequate supply of bottled water in your house for drinking. Having clean drinking water in an emergency is critical. If you have ever become real thirsty, you will understand the need for this preparation.

2. Loose items outside of your house should be placed inside if a typhoon is coming. The winds are very strong in a typhoon and easily blow loose items away. Rushing water from the heavy rains will wash items away too.

3. If you have pets, they should not be left outside without good shelter from the typhoon. It is very dangerous for pets to be outside. They might be caught in rushing water from the heavy rains. Also, they could be struck by wind blown debris.

4. You should make sure you have enough food in the house so you do not have to go to the store when the storm is bad. Like clean drinking water, food is important for your well-being and health. Going without food, even for 24 hours, will make you weaker and your strength will wane quickly.

5. You should buy good rain gear so that, if you must go outside during the storm, you can protect yourself from the heavy wind and rains. There will be times when you must go outside, even during a storm. Someone might need your help. You will become wet very quickly without rain gear and if it is chilly and windy this may lead to hypothermia, which is life threatening.