12. Do you feel comfortable speaking in front of a group of people? Why or why not? (附答案)

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1. I always feel afraid speaking in front of many people. My mouth becomes dry and I get tongue-tied. Sometimes I even forget what I want to say!

2. I feel confident speaking to a group. This wasn't always the case though. I used to dread it but I guess practice makes perfect so I don't mind it now.

3. When I speak to a group of people I can feel many eyes looking at me. It makes my legs shake . I get so nervous and I just want it to end quickly so I can sit down again!

4. I'm a teacher so speaking in front of people is part of my job. The best thing to do is prepare everything carefully beforehand. That helps to give you the confidence you need.

5. Ahh! Just the thought of speaking in front of people makes me nervous. Sometimes I even have nightmares about it! I hope I never need to do it!