65. What was your first job? (附答案)

張貼者:2014年3月14日 清晨5:30E.F.E全民英語補習班
1. I'm only 12. I've never had a job before. I hope that I don't have to get one for a long time.

2. I worked at the teashop near my house one summer. I gained a lot of work experience there. It was nice to make some extra spending money, too.

3. I'm a student. School is a full time job for me, but the pay is terrible.

4. My first job was at a department store. I worked there on weekends and after school while I was in university. It wasn't the best job, but my co-workers were nice.

5. I've never had a real job, but my neighbor used to pay me to look after his dog sometimes. I learned 2 things while doing it. First, I learned about responsibility. Second, I never want a dog.