58. How do you usually kill time when you have nothing to do? (附答案)

張貼者:2014年3月14日 凌晨4:07E.F.E全民英語補習班
1. I kill time by watching TV. Time can go by very quickly when you're watching a good program. Maybe it's not the most productive way to kill time, but I enjoy it.

2. I often read to kill time. For example: If I'm at a restaurant waiting for a friend to show up, I'll read the newspaper to make time go by more quickly.

3. I rarely have time to kill, but, when I do, I like to play games on my cell phone. I actually have a game that helps me improve my memory, so it isn't a complete waste of time.

4. Gossiping with friends is a good way to kill time. I often do this to pass the time between classes at school if I have nothing better to do.