52. Describe your bedroom.

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1. I share a room with my brother, so it is a little cramped. There are two single beds with a nightstand separating them. We each have our own chest of drawers, but we have to share a closet.

2. I have a nice, big bedroom. As you enter, my bed is on the right. Next to that, there is a small computer desk. On the left, you will see a wardrobe and a dresser.

3. My bedroom is a cluttered mess. There is junk everywhere. My bed is on the left-hand side with a small table beside it. On the right, there is a bookshelf and a dresser for my clothes.

4. I take a pride in making my bedroom feel cozy. I have some photos of my friends on a pin board above my bed. I also have the usual bedroom furniture: a nightstand, a wardrobe, and a dresser.

5. I don't spend much time in my bedroom so it is nothing special. There's just a bed and a dresser in it. I also have a small bed-side table with a lamp on it.