42. Do you prefer coffee or tea? Why? (附答案)

張貼者:2014年3月11日 清晨5:21E.F.E全民英語補習班   [ 已更新 2014年3月11日 清晨5:25 ]
1. I prefer tea to coffee. I find that coffee is much too bitter and strong tasting. Tea is much smoother and more pleasing to drink.

2. My preference would be coffee. Not only does it taste good, but it also makes me more alert for class.

3. I don't like either of them. I don't care for hot beverages. I would rather just have a nice, cold glass of water.

4. I would have to say tea, especially green tea. It has a nice flavor that goes well with many foods.

5. I would say that my personal preference would be coffee. For some reason, I love the smell of coffee. I always have.