35. What does your family usually do after dinner? (附答案)

張貼者:2014年3月11日 凌晨4:13E.F.E全民英語補習班
1. We usually sit around the dinner table and chat. We talk about what we did that day and discuss our plans for the next day.

2. After dinner, my mom cleans up the table and washes the dishes. The rest of us head to the living room and watch TV.

3. I usually hit the books after dinner and finish up all my homework. Mom and dad always go for a walk around the neighborhood.

4. Most of the time, we relax in the living room and watch the news. After the news, I help my mom clean up the kitchen while my father takes a nap.

5. More often than not, we all find a comfortable spot relax for a while. Then my brother and I go out and shoot hoops for exercise.