32. Did you eat breakfast before you came here? Do you usually prepare it yourself or buy it? (附答案)

張貼者:2014年3月11日 凌晨4:08E.F.E全民英語補習班

1. I didn't have a proper breakfast. I just grabbed a cereal bar on the way out the door. Normally, I would make myself breakfast, but today I was in a hurry.

2. Yes, I stopped by a breakfast shop and ate. My mother usually makes me breakfast, but she left for work early today.

3. I bought a sandwich at a convenience store for breakfast. I do this most days because it is faster than making my own breakfast.

4. I was too nervous to eat anything for breakfast. Usually, I make myself a bowl of oatmeal to start off the day right. 

5. Of course, I always make time for breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. My grandmother gets it ready for me.